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2016-May-27: Due to some serious issues over the past couple of days, the MediaWiki software which runs this site was upgraded from 1.21.something to 1.26.3. The theme which matched the Wordpress site is no longer maintained and no longer works with the site, so we're stuck with a generic theme for now. I'll try to update it soon, but I believe it's just cosmetic. PLEASE let me know if you have issues with the site (email

2015-Feb-01: For the first time in a while, account creation is working. New users are welcome again. Please tell your friends, and please report any problems.

2013-Oct-21: Moved to new hosting provider, upgraded MediaWiki, upgraded PHP, etc. Let me know if any weirdness arises. I still have backups.

2012-Jan-13: Edits not saving -- problem has been corrected. It was a bug introduced by upgrading PHP during a recent server migration. My apologies, and carry on.

2008-Sep-05: Message for ALL USERS on the [Entry page for the site]

2008-Feb-05: Increased font size a bit, should be more readable now. Traffic has been slower than normal, have we lost our core audience?

2007-May-13: Happy Mother's Day, folks. Account creation is turned back on after enabling some protections, including Captcha.

2007-Apr-19: NOTE: We have taken steps to prevent spamming and other vandalism to this valuable resource. To those of you who have painstakingly rolled back countless spams and vandalisms, thank you, your work does not go unnoticed.

Now: No anon edits, no account creation. If you want to play here, you have to ask me nicely. Email me at and state your interest.

For the spammers: I hope you get the flesh-eating virus and die. Slowly.