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The segmentation of this monstrum probably is:

bababad algharaghta kamminar ronn konn bronn tonerron tuonn thunn trovarrhoun awnskawn toohoohoordenen thurnuk

It depicts the word for "thunder" in various languages.

id=JoyceColl.GlasheenFinnegans&isize=L&submit=Go+to+page&page=283 Third Census of Finnegans Wake]

  • Donnerwort: (German) terrifying word (literally: "thunder-word") → J. S. Bach, Cantata No. 20: O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort ("O Eternity, thou word of fear" - words by Johann Rist)[1]
  • konn + bronnPierre Cambronne, French officer who led the last of the hold-outs at the Battle of Waterloo. His name was used as a polite euphemism after his le mot de Cambronne ("the word of Cambronne"), "Merde!" ("Shit!"), which (according to some sources) was his reply to the call to surrender after the Battle of Waterloo.
  • Humorous breakdown using popular song lyrics (written many decades after FW's publication) helps students memorize this thunderword
  • Serious Grad Students in the Studio [2]