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  • Oconee River: a river in the USA which has its origin in Hall County, Georgia, runs past Dublin, Georgia, and terminates where it joins the Ocmulgee River to form the Altamaha River near Lumber City at the borders of Montgomery County, Wheeler County, and Jeff Davis County. The northern part of the river, known as the North Oconee River, comprises the two forks of the river which converge to form what is known as the Middle Oconee River. This river is very serpentine and has brown water.
    • The city of Dublin (in Laurens County, Georgia, USA) was built on the banks of this river because the Middle Georgia piedmont reminded Irish settlers of terrain in their native country. [1]
    • A tributary stream to this river collects outflow water from a sewerage treatment plant of Dublin which then joins the main river
    • "Oconee" means "people/place or nation" (O) of the "skunk" (Conee) in Creek Indian language and is the name of a historic Oconee Native American tribe. [2]
    • "The main sources of pollution come from fecal coliform bacteria that gets into the river from stormwater runoff on vast farmlands throughout the watershed. This can be deadly to humans if ingested or acquired through an open wound. Eating fish from the Oconee Basin is fine if it is cooked thoroughly." [3]
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  • Oconee County: a county located in the state of Georgia, USA
  • Oconee County: also a county located in the state of South Carolina, USA. Both Oconee counties are twins
  • Oconee War: a war which broke out in 1783. A group of reluctant Creek chiefs ceded nearly 3 million acres (12,000 km²) on the east side of the Oconee River and the area was opened for settlement by whites. However, a large group of subordinate chiefs did not recognize the 1783 cession and, emboldened when the U.S. government declared the treaty void, began harassing settlers on the east side of the Oconee
  • ochone! (Anglo-Irish) alas! alack!
  • ochón: (Irish) alas! a cry of grief
  • Ocean