Entailed at such short notice

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  • end-ailed → "end" meaning both "finish" and "backside, behind" → erse solid in the next line
  • entail: an inheritance which may not be disposed of by the legatee
  • entail: to involve as a consequence
  • tailored: see the annotation to retaled (two lines above) for the relevance of this to FW
  • enteilla: (Finnish) to bode
  • at short notice: an expression often used on playbills advertising a forthcoming performance
  • at short noticeFW 049.19-21: "Under the name of Orani he may have been the utility man of the troupe capable of sustaining long parts at short notice"


The Fall sets in motion the whole phenomenal world, including time and space. "Such short notice" suggests a short amount of time, but since the fall has only just happened only a short amount of time has existed.