Have been laid to rust upon the green

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  • rust: (Dutch) rest → Dutch because of the Dutch House of Orange from which the hero of the Irish Protestants, William III (King Billy, William of Orange), came
  • laid to rest: dead and buried → the Orange invaders have been laid to rest
  • rust: iron oxide → rust turns iron orange
  • rut: sexual intercourse among mammals → in this context, laid also has sexual overtones
  • green: symbolic of Ireland's Catholic, Nationalist or Republican faction (especially in Ulster) → ALP is a Catholic
  • green: a village green
    • there were wigs on the green: there was a public altercation; scuffles broke out
    • Ulysses 337.27: "there'd be wigs on the green"
  • oranges ... upon the green: HCE, a Protestant, having sexual intercourse with his wife ALP, a Catholic
  • Song of Solomon 1:16: "Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: also our bed is green."[1]
  • Rust upon the Green: reference to the flag of Ireland, with green and orange bordering white.