Is at the knock out in the park

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  • knock → Castleknock Hill and Windmill Hill (now Mount Hybla) are identified with Finn MacCool's (and HCE's) two feet
    • The Sigla of Finnegans Wake → p. 13n: "In the time of D'Alton, The History of the County of Dublin (Dublin, Hodges & Smith, 1838), p. 641, these were prominent, one crowned with a tower, the other with a castle"
  • knock → hill (Irish cnoc, "hill"; Anglo-Irish knock, "hill")
  • knock out: to knock someone out, to render them unconscious → in Sheridan Le Fanu's 1861 novel The House by the Churchyard, a character is attacked and left for dead in the Hollow in the Phoenix Park
  • knock out: a knock-out in a boxing match