Laurens County's gorgios

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  • Saint Lawrence: the adopted name of Sir Amory Tristram, after the third-century martyr, whose feast day falls on 10 August, the supposed day of the Battle of Evora (in 1177 CE), in which Amory Tristram conquered Howth
  • Saint Laurence of Canterbury: (died 3 February 619) was the second Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Lauren's cunt
  • Lauren's cunny
  • gorgeous
  • gorgo: (Italian) whirlpool, sink → connects this, the second of seven clauses in this paragraph, with Eve (French: évier, "sink"), the second of seven elements in the first paragraph → the 2nd of 7 elements in a second circuit of HCE's bedroom
  • gorgio: (Romani) youngster; a non-Roma
  • Gorgias: ancient Greek master of rhetoric who had a special dexterity with puns (see his defense of Helen of Troy); Gorgias is also the title of one of Plato's dialogues which features the rhetorician. Gorgias died at Larissa (→ Laurens County?) in Thessaly in 376 BC.
  • Georgians: the inhabitants of the American state of Georgia
  • Georgian: indicative of the architecture prevalent during the reigns of the English monarchs George I - George IV (1714-1830) → much of Dublin city's architecture is Georgian
  • Giorgio Joyce: James Joyce's son