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TOC Page 307 Page 309

Xenophon. Delays are Dangerous. Vitavite! Gobble
Anne: tea's set, see's eneugh! Mox soonly
will be in a split second per the chancellory
of his exticker.
Pantocracy.     Aun MAWMAW,
Bimutualism.     Do LUK, YOUR
Interchangeabil-     Tri BEEEFTAY'S
ity. Naturality.     Car FIZZIN OVER!
Superfetation.     Cush1
Stabimobilism.     Shay
Periodicity.     Shockt
Consummation.     Ockt
Interpenetrative-     Ni
ness. Predicam-     Geg2
ent. Balance of     Their feed begins.
the factual by the KAKAO-
theoric Boox and POETIC
Coox, Amallaga- LIPPUDENIES
mated. OF THE
With our best youlldied greedings to Pep
and Memmy and the old folkers below and
beyant, wishing them all very merry Incar-
nations in this land of the livvey and plenty
of preprosperousness through their coming
new yonks


jake, jack and little sousoucie

(the babes that mean too)

1 Kish is for anticheirst, and the free of my hand to him!
crossbun 2 And gags for skool, and crossbuns and whopes he'll enjoyimsolff over
our drawings on the line!