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TOC Page 398 Page 400

And no damn loutll come courting thee or by the mother of the Holy
       Ghost there'll be murder! 

O, come all ye sweet nymphs of Dingle beach to cheer Brinabride
       queen from Sybil surfriding 
In her curragh of shells of daughter of pearl and her silverymonnblue
       mantle round her. 
Crown of the waters, brine on her brow, she'll dance them a jig and
       jilt them fairly. 
Yerra, why would she bide with Sig Sloomysides or the grogram grey
       barnacle gander? 

You won't need be lonesome, Lizzy my love, when your beau gets his
       glut of cold meat and hot soldiering 
Nor wake in winter, window machree, but snore sung in my old
       Balbriggan surtout. 
Wisha, won't you agree now to take me from the middle, say, of
       next week on, for the balance of my days, for nothing (what?) 
       as your own nursetender?  
A power of highsteppers died game right enough—but who, acushla,
       'll beg coppers for you? 

I tossed that one long before anyone.
It was of a wet good Friday too she was ironing and, as I'm given
       now to understand, she was always mad gone on me. 
Grand goosegreasing we had entirely with an allnight eiderdown bed
       picnic to follow. 
By the cross of Cong, says she, rising up Saturday in the twilight
       from under me, Mick, Nick the Maggot or whatever your name 
       is, you're the mose likable lad that's come my ways yet from the 
       barony of Bohermore. 
Mattheehew, Markeehew, Lukeehew, Johnheehewheehew!
And still a light moves long the river. And stiller the mermen
       ply their keg. 
Its pith is full. The way is free. Their lot is cast.
So, to john for a john, johnajeams, led it be!