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  • pršut: (Serbian, Croatian) smoked ham
  • prosciutto: (Italian) Italian spiced ham. Etymology: from Italian, alteration (probably by infl. of prosciugato "dried") of presciutto, from pre-, intensive prefix + -sciutto, from Latin exsuctus "lacking juice, dried up," pp. of exsugere "suck out, draw out moisture," from ex- "out" + sugere "to suck"[1]
    • pftjschutepršut:prosciutto could be an etymological allusion to femina ("woman, female," lit. "she who suckles," from base of felare "to suck, suckle")[2] and thus imply the sexual matter of the fall of Finnegan
  • prosecute: The trial of Giordano Bruno, or the judgment of the sins that lead to the fall of various characters
  • chute: (English) a vertical or inclined path, channel, or passage through which objects are moved by means of gravity
  • chute: (French) fall
  • chut (French), pst (German): shush!, hist!
  • pfui: (German) an expression of contempt or disgust
  • pfft (pronounced [pf(t)]), a French interjection signifying indifference or scorn (Robert)