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  • Regenbogen: (German) rainbow → the 7 clauses in this paragraph symbolize the 7 colours of the rainbow
  • Genesis 9:12-16: the rainbow has been used in the past to symbolize God's promise to Noah after the Flood that He would never again try to destroy the world
  • reggia: (Italian) palace
  • regina: (Latin) queen
  • Regin: a character in Norse mythology corresponding to Mime in Wagner's operatic tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen; in one version he is a dwarf, who raises Siegfried to kill the dragon/giant Fafnir and steal the Nibelung hoard; in another version he is Fasolt, the brother of Fafnir, and again he raises Siegfried to win back the hoard for him
  • brau: (German) brew
  • brow: eyebrow (on HCE's head); brow or edge of a hill (i.e. the Hill of Howth)