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  • Joyce's letter to Harriet Shaw Weaver of 15 November 1926: "rory = Irish = red; rory = Latin, roridus = dewy; At the rainbow's end are dew and the colour red: bloody end to the lie in Anglo-Irish = no lie"
    • rory: (obsolete, rare) dewy → from roridus: (Latin) dewy → Mildew Lisa
    • bloody end to the lie = no lie → hence, "rory end to the..." means "no end to the..." → the cyclical history of FW goes on and on
  • Rory, Ruaidhrí, Roderic: variants of an Irish name which means "red-haired"
  • Rory O'Connor, or Ruaidhrí Ua Conchubair: High King of Ireland when Henry II came from the East; he was the last native King of Ireland, hence "Rory end" → according to the Black Book of Howth, Sir Amory (or almeric) Tristram dies fighting against Rory O'Connor in Connacht
  • bloody end to the...: (Anglo-Irish) damn the..., to hell with the...
    • Ulysses 293.03: "Arrah! bloody end to the paw..."
    • Ulysses 241.23: "blooming end to it"
  • orient: the east, where the rising Sun signifies the start of a new cycle, and from whence the invading Henry II came to put an end to Rory's reign
  • gory: bloody → red
  • gorri: (Basque) red
  • Rosy: red (or pink)
  • Roderic: the last Visigothic king of Spain