Rot a peck of pa's malt

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  • Rot: (German) red → the colour at one end of the rainbow → see line 4, violer d'amores, for the violet at the other end
    • Genesis 9.12 ff: the rainbow is a sign of the Covenant God made with Noah after the Flood → in FW the rainbow appears after the Flood which ends the novel
  • rot → The expression rot a peck varies the phonology of not yet, continuing the series of negative clauses... nr for alliteration with following words (brewed ... arclilght ... rory .... regginbrow ... ringsome)
  • rot ... pa's malt: HCE's rotten urine in the commode's (commodius in line 2) chamber-pot recycles the alcohol that he has drunk → thus this, the sixth of seven clauses in the second paragraph, corresponds to "commodious vicus of recirculation" in the first paragraph → the 6th of 7 elements in a second circuit of HCE's bedroom
  • pecker: penis
  • willie: penis