Sosie sesthers

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  • so sie: (German) so she → so sie ses... = "so she says"
  • Susie: Susanna, a young woman in the book of Daniel; like Swift's Stella & Vanessa, she was the subject of older men's advances
  • saucy: arousing sexual desire; lascivious


  • Esther: eponymous character in the Biblical Book of Esther; like Swift's Stella & Vanessa, she is the subject of an older man's advances
  • Esther(s), Jonathan Swift's, Esther was the daughter of Bartholomew Van Homrigh, former Lord Mayor of Dublin, who had a love affair (Esther, not the father) with Jonathan and, when she found that 'The Reverend' was also playing with Esther Johnson (ie, another Esther!), wrote to the latter to try to put her away from Swift who, in reaction, left Esther, that is, the Esther one whose father was Van Homrigh. This story is alluded to again in [1] and somewhere in p.III as well.
  • sisters → cf. FW 096.11 ff: "stuffstuff in the languish of flowers and feeling to find she was mushymushy, and wasn't that very both of them, the sauciscissters ... (peep!) ... (peepette!)"