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  • taufen: (German) to baptise
    • St Patrick was a disciple of St Germanus, hence the use of German words
    • baptism → John the Baptist → Giovanni Battista → Giambattista Vico
    • baptism → Jordan → Giordano Bruno
  • teuf-teuf: "Well, teuf-teuf," I said moodily and withdrew. (P.G. Wodehouse: Very Good Jeeves: The Love That Purifies, 1930); "Teuf-teuf" in French means the sound of a train ("töff töff" in my native German). Obviously "teuf-teuf" was a common phrase in Edwardian upperclass slang. So it suggests "I'll be gone, bye-bye" or something like that.
  • mishe mishe to tauftauf: "me me to thou thou"
  • tau, tau: (Greek) T, T → Tris-tram/Tram-tris, Tris-tan/Tan-tris, etc.