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  • Joyce's letter to Harriet Shaw Weaver of 15 November 1926: "Thou art Peter and upon this rock etc (a pun in the original aramaic); Lat: Tu es Petrus et super hane petram"
    • thou art Peter: Matthew 16:18 → there is also a pun on peatrick as Peter-Rock. In Greek petros, "Peter", is a masculine form of petra, which means "rock"; Jesus puns on the ambiguity when he says "Thou art Peter (petros), and upon this rock (petra) I will build my church."
    • FW 407.11 ff: "... (whish, O whish!) ... I heard a voice ... voise from afar ... Tu es Petrus"
  • peat: turf
  • thwart pea trick! - thwart the trick played by Jacob upon his brother, when he sold him peas [a mess of potage] for the right of the firstborn (also note the double words, reminiscent of twins)
  • pea-trick: a popular confidence trick, in which a pea is hidden under one of three cups, which are then rapidly shuffled across a table; members of the public pay to guess which cup conceals the pea (which has actually been palmed by the conman)
  • rick: hayrick
  • thú: (Irish) you
  • peat → St Patrick's Purgatory contained a peat fire
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      • Another reference to St. Patrick's Purgatory, to be found later in the novel, is explored in here: [1]


  • The pea trick gave Jacob/Israel the advantage over Esau. Thus, if it had been thwarted, Israel might not have become the chosen people. In a very fundamentalist christian perspective, the church (tu es petrus) took over from Israel, thereby thwarting the pea trick. One of the methods to accomplish this is the christian baptism (tauftauf), especially if it's forced baptism.