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  • toes → Joyce's conception of Finn MacCool as a mythological sleeping giant, interred in the Dublin landscape, with his head beneath Howth (Danish hoved, "head") and his feet sticking up in Phoenix Park
  • tum-ti-tum: a reiterated strumming, as of a stringed instrument
  • t-t-t-toes → stuttering → HCE is a stutterer, like Parnell, his "hesitancy of speech" betraying his guilt
  • tum, tummy: stomach
  • tumulus: a burial mound; a tomb
  • tum → tomb → the tomb of Isolde at Chapelizod?
  • Atum, Temu, etc: various forms of the ancient Egyptian god who creates the world by masturbating on the primordial mud-heap → quest