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Font size

Finnegan, you have increased the font size, but apparently not the width of the page. On my browser the ends of most lines fall under the navigation panel on the right, rendering most pages unreadable.



Finnegan, any way of finding out if the following users (and others) come from the same IP address, and blocking it? I'm getting fed up with reverting pages.

User:Rd70572036 User:Rd39598972 User:Rd55196150 User:Rd9335411 User:Rd73617349

See Special:Recentchanges.


Terence McKenna made a lecture about Finnegan Wake, He also reads some fragments and also comments by McLhuan. If u r interested, Ive got it in mp3, I could send them, or dig out a link where I dl them. I really liked the reading that is available here, so I thought its worth expanding upon >D aryah, 29/07/2005


Finnegan, I'd be interested in hearing the mp3 you mentioned. JoeG

Image auto-thumbnailer

Giants Causeway

Am I doing somthing wrong with the Thumbnail function? The problem is also seen at Giants Causeway.


Error message when adding external links

Hi, I get the error message "Fatal exception of type MWException" when I try to add an external link. Most annoying: I get this message also when I try to edit articles which already contain external links :( Is there a way to fix this? --HV (talk) 07:16, 12 November 2013 (CST)