While they went doublin their mumper all the time

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  • doublingVico's cyclic view of history, in which events repeat themselves → the New World's Dublin, Georgia, is a double of the Old World's Dublin, Ireland
  • Doubling all the time: motto of Laurens Co, Georgia
    • Dublin: The Emerald City by Scott Thompson p. 7: "During the first decade of the 20th century, Dublin was the third fastest growing city in Georgia. Dublin grew so fast that boosters named it "The only town in Georgia, that's doublin all the time."
  • Doublin their mumper all the time - Being a mumper (a beggar) in Dublin, in reference to Giorgio, Joyce's son, who couldn't seem to become successful in life.
  • mumper: a beggar, a mendicant; a person who sponges on others; a genteel beggar → in some parts of England the term is "not applied to beggars in general, but to those only who go in troops from house to house, in some places on St. Thomas's Day, in others on St. Stephen's Day"
  • mump: to cheat; to overreach
  • mumper: (Romani) a halfbred Roma or gypsy
  • number
  • Mum, Pa → parents double their number by begetting children → doubling mum suggests superfetation and the begetting of twins
    • mumper → mum + pere (French) father
  • Mum: a sweet strong beer first brewed in 1492, the year of Columbus's discovery of America