Outline of Chapter Contents

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Book I

Chapter I Introduction - The Willingdone Museum - The finding of the letter - Pre-history of Ireland - Mutt and Jute - Jarl van Hoother and the Prankquean - The Fall - Finnegan’s Wake - Introduction to HCE

Chapter II The naming of HCE - The encounter with the cad - The spreading of the cad’s story - The Ballad of Persse O’Reilly

Chapter III Earwicker’s version of the story filmed, televised, and broadcast - HCE’s wake - Reports of HCE’s crime and flight - Court inquiries - HCE reviled - HCE remains silent and sleeps - Finn’s resurrection foreshadowed

Chapter IV Burial of HCE in Lough Neagh - Festy King on trial - Freed - Reveals his deception - The letter is called for - ALP is brought in

Chapter V ALP’s Mamafesta - The interpretation of the letter - The Book of Kells

Chapter VI Radio quiz - 12 questions concerning various figures and places - Shaun and Shem - The Mookse and the Gripes - Burrus and Caseous

Chapter VII Portrait of Shem the Penman - His lowness, cowardice, drunken boasting - Shem as forger - The haunted inkbottle - Justius and Mercius

Chapter VIII Anna Livia Plurabelle - Gossip of two washerwomen on the banks of the Liffey - Darkness - Washerwomen turn into a tree and a stone

Book II

Chapter I The mime of Mick, Nick, and the Maggies - Glugg and the three riddles - Glugg and Chuff - Children’s games end - Prayers before bed

Chapter II Nightlessons - Shem, Shaun, and Issy - Grammar, history, letter writing, mathematics - Invasions of Ireland - Dolph and Kev - Essay assignments - Children’s nightletter to parents

Chapter III HCE in the pub - The tale of Kersse the tailor and the Norwegian Captain - Television comedians Butt and Taff telling how Buckley shot the Russian General - The four old men bother HCE - The case against HCE - The funeral games - HCE drinks the dregs and passes out

Chapter IV Voyage of Tristan and Iseult - The four masters spy on their love-making - The hymn of Iseult la Belle

Book III

Chapter I Shaun the Post - The Ondt and the Gracehoper - Shaun vilifies Shem - Shaun in a barrel rolls downriver

Chapter II Shaun as Jaun - Sermon to the girls of St Bride’s - Jaun and Issy - Issy’s love-letter to Jaun - Jaun introduces Dave - Jaun as Haun

Chapter III Yawn interrogated by four old men - Inquiry and séance - Voices speak through Yawn, including ALP’s - HCE revives and testifies - Boasts of the city he has founded and his conquest of ALP

Chapter IV The Porter parents - Matt, Mark, Luke and John - The four positions of love-making between HCE and ALP

Book IV

Chapter I Ricorso - Dawn of a new era - The celebration of Kevin - HCE’s indiscretion published scene of crime revisited - Mutt and Juva, the dispute between St Patrick and the Archdruid - ALP’s letter - Anna Livia’s soliloquy