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    Every evening at lighting up o'clock sharp and until further 
notice in Feenichts Playhouse. (Bar and conveniences always
open, Diddlem Club douncestears.) Entrancings: gads, a scrab;
the quality, one large shilling. Newly billed for each wickeday
perfumance. Somndoze massinees. By arraignment, childream's
hours, expercatered. Jampots, rinsed porters, taken in token. With
nightly redistribution of parts and players by the puppetry pro-
ducer and daily dubbing of ghosters, with the benediction of the
Holy Genesius Archimimus and under the distinguished patron-
age of their Elderships the Oldens from the four coroners of
Findrias, Murias, Gorias and Falias, Messoirs the Coarbs, Clive
Sollis, Galorius Kettle, Pobiedo Lancey and Pierre Dusort,
while the Caesar-in-Chief looks. On. Sennet. As played to the
Adelphi by the Brothers Bratislavoff (Hyrcan and Haristobulus),
after humpteen dumpteen revivals. Before all the King's Hoarsers
with all the Queen's Mum. And wordloosed over seven seas
crowdblast in cellelleneteutoslavzendlatinsoundscript. In four 
tubbloids. While fern may cald us until firn make cold. The Mime
of Mick, Nick and the Maggies, adopted from the Ballymooney
Bloodriddon Murther by Bluechin Blackdillain (authorways 'Big
Storey'), featuring:
    GLUGG (Mr Seumas McQuillad, hear the riddles between the 
robot in his dress circular and the gagster in the rogues' gallery),
the bold bad bleak boy of the storybooks, who, when the tabs go