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You seem to be asked many various things important or otherwise. Also JoeG. Is the purpose of this wiki to be a waketionary or a sort of fragmented interpretation? For you see my posts lean toward the latter but i see that it is not the majoritarian point de vue. Opinions? Pierrot

Dear Pemberton - new visitor here - do know what the ettiquette regarding using Roland McHugh's work is? His comments are brief but insightful. Also, this last weekend (Oct 28,29 '06) the site was entirely spoofed. Was I the only person who experienced that? Thanks, mykrafone

Hi Pemberton, thanks; you were right: quite easy! hitherandthithering Hermes

ps: thanks again (mädchen in uniform)

pps: and again (tauftauf); and sorry: i didn't even notice your message or else i would have followed your suggestions (or tried to, anyhow).

Hi Pemberton, do you know if it's possible to add comments to an image? I'm thinking of the diagram of ALP on page 293



Hi Joe,

Sure, just click on the image, and then click on edit as usual. The only problem is that an image with comments is less obvious than the other links.


Hi Steven,

oh ok. i was going to try that but didn't want to mess it up. when i clicked 'preview' the image didn't show.



goed werk, pemberton-

do you know what happened to the site last week(s)? -tip


Thanks for the help. -Goose


Hi Pemberton

Thanks for the message and the encouragement:

Dictionaries use abbreviations for languages in order to save space, but it's not clear the advantage of using them here. If I see an explanation with a language abbreviation, I now have to go and look it up, whereas if it is spelled out, I know it immediately.

(1) It certainly saves time for the poor annotator! :)

(2) The abbreviations I use are taken from Roland McHugh's standard reference work Annotations to Finnegans Wake. I find that I don't have to look them up everytime I come across them in that text.

(3) I think it's fair to assume that anyone reading FW is well read and quite intelligent. They probably don't need to have German, French, Latin, etc, spelt out for them all the time.

Eroica 06:56, 23 Jun 2006 (EDT)


Pemberton, I've been discussing the use of Categories with our newest friend, Zakbos. He has deleted the Category for "Kate" and I had to question his purpose. Please see User_talk:Zakbos and see what you think of his ideas. Thanks - Tip!

Sigla: Unicode + PNG

Yes, I've seen those. However, I understand that Unicode support is not yet universal, and I thought it would be helpful to have both options available rather than ask those with older browsers to simply catch up. You'll note my changes to the "Help" page. Let me know what you think.